Washington, Franklin, the Freemasons and a New World Order

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Secret rituals, clandestine meetings, and exclusive membership. All of these traits can be linked to numerous secret societies that have existed throughout recorded history. Whether you are thinking of the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, or even a college fraternity, none of these groups have come close to dispersing the amount of influence that the Freemasons have had on America. 14 U.S presidents have been members of the mysterious order. Membership extends beyond those that served as commander in chief, as many key political figures of the time were also counted among the ranks of the Freemason. 

From the genesis of American government, the Masons have had their fingerprints on almost every major event that has helped America become a world power. George Washington was instrumental in the colonies gaining independence from England. Without his military expertise, the open rebellion against the crown would have stood little chance against the might of the British forces. Like many of his contemporaries, he belonged to the Masonic order. Benjamin Franklin played an equal part in the revolution, securing an alliance with France that would carry the overmatched colonies to victory. His incredible personal intellect was matched by few and spawned a nationwide vigor for science as well as philosophy. Not only was Franklin a member but he was often referred to as an 'Illustrious Brother' of the Freemasons. 

Masonic Symbols in the Dollar Bill

Masonic Symbols in the Dollar Bill

Aside from numerous key political figures being members, Masonic influence can be found in an alarming number of symbols carefully placed throughout American society. From currency and architecture to the national seal, it is clear that the founding fathers purposefully placed an emphasis on intertwining masonry with American political lineage. While all of this may seem anecdotal at best, examination of Masonic rituals may lead to eerie or even frightening conclusions about the true intentions of the order. Naturally, hundreds of conspiracy theories have linked the Masons to aspirations of world domination. 

Now pause, take a deep breath, and put on your tin foil hats. 

Chief among the Masonic conspiracy theories is that of the 'New World Order'. An idea that the masons have expertly manipulated political strife in the world so that all stable political entities will eventually crumble and give way to a group of elite individuals that will make all decisions regarding the direction and development of society. With the key placement of leaders like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin into situations that seemed to be handcrafted to suit their leadership abilities, it is hard not to wonder. Many iterations of the New World Order Theory (NWO Theory, not talking about you Hulk Hogan) describe an almost sci-fi scenario involving time travel. Let's scale that back just a little bit and think a tad more inside the box. What if individuals like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin were raised from birth to fulfill their ultimate destiny of creating the most powerful country the world has ever seen? Could it be possible that as youths many of the founding fathers were selected for their masterful intellect, military prowess, or other unique abilities to bring about the NWO? 

With the influence that America has had upon the world in its short lifespan, it may almost seem like we are already living in the NWO. Perhaps the last 240 years were the embodiment of the NWO ideals and we have already lived through it. But maybe, just maybe, this has been a part of a long con. One that encompassed a revolution, a civil war, 2 world wars, desert invasions and hundreds of conflicts in between. The amount of political turmoil and social unrest in the country begs for a push of the reset button. Or maybe we all just need to eat a couple clumps of "member-berries" to get our minds off of things and mellow out. What if that push of the reset button is coming very soon courtesy of contingency plans set up by the original GW? It would almost be too poetic. "You see it's the slow knife.. The knife that takes its time. The knife that waits years without forgetting then slips quietly between the bones... That's the knife that cuts the deepest." 

Stay woke my friends.