7 Interesting Things About Vikings

They were more than just brutal killers

  1. Vikings gave the English language over 100+ words, including vikingr - One who came from the Fjords

  2. There is no definitive evidence that Vikings wore horned helmets

  3. Also, when using the term Vikings as a collective term for the people who came from Scandinavia it’s worth noting that they weren’t all part of a single group. There was no central government or leader. They were many different groups led by many different chieftains who just happened to be from Scandinavia. I’d compare it to using the term Native Americans to describe all of the different tribes that existed in North and South America

  4. Viking Longships were arguably the fastest and most maneuverable ships of their day. This is why the Vikings were able to raid villages and trade all across Europe and beyond

  5. Vikings used their longships to discover North America

  6. Their ships were so important that distinguished Vikings were even buried in them

  7. The Varangian Guard was created by the Byzantine Emporer as a royal body guard unit. The Guard was made up of Vikings because they were known to be excellent soldiers

Here’s a quick video about how a group of Vikings discovered North America.