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The Irish Invade Canada: The History of the Fenian Raids

In 1866, only a year after the Civil War, a group of over 700 Irish Civil War Veterans launched an attack on British held Canada. Had it not been for the quick arrival of 700 British regulars, they might have taken the Canadian Fort at Campobello Island just north of Maine. The Fenian Brotherhood, as the Irish soldiers were known, launched at least 6 more raids into Canada over the next five years, but why would the Irish attack Canada?

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Mourning Wars

The Iroquois men would gear up and would ambush a neighboring tribe, capturing as many individuals as they could and then bring the captives back home. The captives would be stripped, often tortured or burned to test their will, and then the tribe would determine if they would be adopted into the tribe or ritually killed. In some cases, captives might be made to run a gauntlet. Tribe members would line up across from each other brandishing sticks or clubs and would strike blows to the captives as they ran through the line.

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