Hi, I'm Bryant and I launched Innovative History in December of 2015. My love of history has existed for as long as I can remember. I was always trying to get my hands on historical books in school. This even led me to pursue a degree in history while in college. I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2013 and I double majored in History and Religious Studies. So many times, I had people suggest that I was wasting time and money by getting such a “non-technical” degree. What my degree may have lacked in technicality, it more than made up for in analytical thinking and interpersonal skills. I found myself much more challenged in my History and Religious Studies classes than I did in anything else. All of my work was based around reading, researching, writing, and presenting my findings. I want to give everyone the chance to develop a passion for history, by providing them with a fun and educational platform through Innovative History videos.

Here are some good history books (and just good books in general) I have read recently. Click the image to redirect to Amazon.com

A Short History of Nearly Everything

How Should We Live? Great Ideas From the Past for Everyday Life


Extreme Ownership

America Walks Into A Bar

Guns, Germs, And Steel